LYRICS: A-Reece – Rich

LYRICS: A-Reece – Rich

Here is the lyrics to the song Rich by rapper A-Reece. Read and listen below:

A-Reece – Rich

Baby boy make it look easy
i am working like I can afford to go holiday
when I move out of the city, they said I won’t make it, I told them I am farther away
ever since then I have been loyal and true to myself I don’t care what you get to say
I think you better all far away riding the ways I flow like a water way
studio set whatever we had, I rap but I don’t make rags
beam up the city on top of the map and you just wake up from the nap
?? I tell them to double it, we cannot keep it at that
?ing the cheatup already yea ain’t even started they said am bad
helping on forward reminder??
she be my side talking pictures cous am getting bigger I guest we don’t differ
she said that I am more than daddy, so if I need advice I go speak to the mirror

I already know what they are planning this season
no secret just like life in the twitter
claiming the call up your head is spish we can pay up or make up my hatters
TWC in the building, and yea he even caught up the rhyme
yea, let me explain so you get it
if she ain’t with you, then she is with us
men I thought that she didn’t give in
your nigga look how we living

Are you a rich man?
only a rich what you need
you have a lot of projections
but both money in the bank
but you shall make him rich
I don’t, don’t have that caper riches
my riches is life

if I had only one wish, I wish that me and my nigga gets rich
pray that my enemies live, no shit they said you get what you give
am never out making friends, they see it, men am just a void in pretence
yea, my work is 10 out of 10 that made it you all ain’t anywhere near
yea, look at how I pose for the lense, I am the only one posing like Drake
yea, give me a palm on my hand
did all these shit off the neck , ? who you think is next
who comes after me be the say
yea, I don’t rehearse I don’t prep
yea, let them all know am the best wooooh
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