Dr Malinga Launches His Own Condom Line

Dr Malinga Launches His Own Condom Line 1
Dr Malinga Launches His Own Condom Line

Dr Malinga has just launched his own Condom line and it will be on sale from April. Speaking on the idea of the new business, Dr Malinga told the press, “Well, it’s quite simple really. I am businessman and there’s a need for condoms.

I am helping people because I realized that people need a constant reminder to protect themselves against things like HIV. I happen to be in an industry where bashes and parties are some of the popular places where people tend to ‘forget themselves’ so I am here to help them”.
When asked if he is not discouraged by competing with government funded free condoms and expensive brands like Durex, Malinga said there is a gap between free and expensive condoms and some people don’t like using free condoms. “Ge re vaya mo di clubung, that’s where majita ba lathlang site wa bon? And, ba babang ba shy ho kuka tsela tsa mahala so, that’s where I as Malinga come in. I’m sure my people won’t be embarrassed to carry around a Malinga condom. Batho if ba tlo jana, ha ba jane ka kick it safe with Dr Malinga”, he added.


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