Jesse Suntele Avoiding The Pretty Boy Persona

Jesse Suntele Avoiding The Pretty Boy Persona

Jesse Suntele Avoiding The Pretty Boy Persona


Jesse Suntele Avoiding The Pretty Boy Persona


There are not very numerous rappers who are additionally performers and moderators in our neighborhood media outlet. So when Jesse Suntele otherwise known as JFlo willingly volunteered be each of the three, we really wanted to pay heed to the way that this young fellow did not come into the business to play amusements.


The performer as of late sat down with Sahiphop for a select one on one meeting as he dug profound into his energy as an inside and out performer. What’s more, if there’s one critical truth we’ve come to find out about Jesse; it’s that most, if not the greater part of his profession leaps forward originate from his calculative and key moves. Nothing he has accomplished originated from possibility.


Every one of the open doors he’s been given, he has made a point to exploit and that attitude originates from him knowing precisely what he needed to do since he was in secondary school.


On second thought, Jesse has sort of played or rather used his profession like a round of chess.


The music vocation


You’d be amazed to realize that despite the fact that Jesse is a performing artist, he didn’t examine dramatization subsequent to leaving matric, Jesse proceeded to think about sound building, yet that choice was likewise a key one.



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“For me leaving matric and concentrate sound designing was deliberate, on the grounds that I generally realized that the end diversion, was to get into music. Whatever occurs in the middle of that was only the diversion, yet I realized that the ultimate objective was to get into music, so television, displaying, acting, as much as I adored doing them I realized that they were a necessary chore. Furthermore, for me, it was to begin my music diversely in contrast with how other individuals were doing it.”


Poppinโ€™ ass rapper?

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Jesse notices that the profession openings, particularly his acting vocation have been a springboard in helping kickstart his vocation as a rapper.


“The socioeconomics of individuals that watch me on TV isn’t a similar statistic that will tune in to my music, so that was an alternate move considering the kind of music that I was getting into. I figure many individuals do utilize TV to get a leg up in the business, however for me when taking a gander at the parts that I’ve acted in, the general population that watch those parts are not similar individuals that will tune in to my music. In any case, I realized that by the day’s end, the introduction is as yet the same. It’s as yet going to get me at a place where If I have a remark, some individual will tune in. So when I record music and discharge it, I realize that there will be individuals who will tune in.

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One part of Jesse that nobody can deny is the way that he is a stunning man who is worshiped by numerous ladies the nation over, particularly when he takes his shirt off. In any case, despite the fact that Jesse acknowledges and comprehends that his looks have given him the high ground with regards to various open doors that have come his direction [like modelling] he is endeavoring to guide far from the beautiful kid persona.


“Some portion of the motivation behind why I entered music rivalries like The Hustle was on account of I needed to move far from that (my looks). I required individuals to know direct that I’m making music since I’m great at it and on the off chance that you don’t trust me, did you not see me on the Hustle? On the off chance that I arrive a part on a particular show, it’s not a direct result of my pretty face, did you not see that I won Top Actor Africa? So for me, I expected to ensure that I had prove that I’m great at what I do, not due to my pretty face, that is only the wonderful finish. I don’t need individuals to get up one morning and resemble ‘eintlik for what reason is this person celebrated, for what reason do we like him? Since that implies tomorrow you can wake up and choose not to like me and I don’t need that.”




Jesse additionally shared that something else he’s been doing to abstain from having individuals just spotlight on his looks is that he currently maintains a strategic distance from shirtless scenes, too bad women.


“These days I tell my chiefs that I truly would prefer not to do shirtless scenes, kissing scenes are fine yet I’m extremely endeavoring to avoid the lovely kid persona. Particularly if my character is anything but a pretty kid, on the off chance that he is, at that point fine yet in the event that my character isn’t painted as the charmer kid then I might want for us to avoid that. I truly don’t need it to be a diversion,” he said.

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