Londie London’s Butt Causes Havoc

Londie London's Butt
Londie London’s Butt Causes Havoc

She sure has a beautiful future behind her and she knows it.

Apart from being an artist, Londie London is also one of our favourite Instagram baddies and this short video clip of her walking off stage at the Castle Lite Unlock concert will prove just that.

Whilst Chance The Rapper fans are still recovering from his performance which took place at the TicketPro Dome this past Monday, others still can’t keep their mouth shut at Londie London’s stage appearance at the show as well.

Londie shut it down not only on stage but also on social media when she released a video of herself backstage at the concert.

In the video, Londie is seen walking away and briefly drops it like it’s hot just for control.
Londie London's Butt Causes Havoc 1

But there was no control in her mentions as men lost their minds after seeing Londie’s apple bottom walk away right infront of their eyes.

And here’s that performance that got most of the men in the dome hella excited.

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